One of the questions that pops up during are sales talks is “why does my company need a website?”. Another question is “Will it make me money?”. Business owners also tend to think that a website should make you money. Not necessarily. Yet another argument business owners come up with is “I already have Facebook, why do I need a website?”.

1. Central place for information
A website should be a central place for your company to properly inform visitors about your company, its activities, products or services. It’s like an online brochure, but more structured with possible added interactivity.

2. Facebook can be a crowded place
Although Facebook can be a good way to communicate recent activities to a wide audience, it can be a crowded place. Especially with trending topics and live occurring events, people’s timelines might get flooded with other post. Your post might get overseen, and you don’t get the proper info communicated. You can post something that is catchy but that limit’s the amount of information added to it.

3. A website is not only for your customers
We often see our customers as our only target group for our website. We had a few customers who came to us saying that they want a website to better their online presence. To give potential stakeholders or suppliers a proper view of their organization. Think of your website as a 5-minute presentation that stakeholder or supplies sees during his taxi ride to the office or the airport.

Ultimately it is a company’s owner to decide what to invest in. We naturally don’t like to force people into decisions, but these were a few points to consider.