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As VSH Tech we know your industry from up close

VSH Tech is a joint-venture between VSH-United (Nederland) BV – one of the leading businesses in freight forwarding and agency – and IT Partner Holding BV, specialized in software solutions for the maritime and logistics industries.

VSH Tech develops and produces cloud-based logistics software on a low-code platform for shipping agencies, freight forwarding and warehousing. From off-the-shelf to tailored solutions, and anything in between: scalable solutions in three tiers (Essential, Plus, and Professional) that offer the best of both worlds: they are affordable and tailored at the same time. Choose whatever suits you best in the different stages of your business.

As a joint-venture, we are able to offer you the combined advantages of both IT Partner and VSH United. VSH United is well-known in the South-American and Caribbean region for its stability and reliability. Our close connection with them means we are able to support you with local services from local people. They know the region, the culture and market and they speak your language. They can help you 24/7. IT Partner is a well-known partner in the European maritime and logistics industry. Because of our close connection with them, we are able to provide you with a wide range of services and software in the field of shipping agency, freight forwarding and warehousing. So you can save precious time and focus on your core activities.

Gregory Tai-Apin

Managing Director

Dennis Brommert

Managing Director

Jonathan Joesman

Project Manager

Andy Boerleider

Sales & Marketing Manager ICT

Alexander Blommestijn

Lead Developer


Our team has developed and implemented many software solutions

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