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Our software suite gives you a range of feature sets e.g. CRM, Shipment, Document & Package Management, BL Management, Financial/Accounting, advanced reporting, Track & Trace Web portal and some much more to provide in your Logistics needs. With Customers in Europe and South America we are expanding our horizons even further.

Our Software is based on an Integrated low-code software development platforms that eliminates the problem of software becoming obsolete. No application is too large or too complex for us, while maintaining incredible speed in development. We simply grow in accordance with the customer’s wishes and they will stay ahead of their market segment.


Gregory Tai-Apin, Managing Director VSH TECH

Dennis Brommert, Managing Director VSH TECH

“Let us take you into a journey to move you beyond your horizons by providing you an integrated Suites of Logics Software. We bring Logistics to your fingertips!”