Center Freight Forwarding

Center Freight Forwarding

Most freight forwarders struggle with follow-up actions and control of their shipments, whilst dealing with tons of paperwork. We provide an integrated, adaptable and cloud-based solution with a rich feature set that relieves you of these constraints while still being cost-effective.

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Software Version & Comparison


  • Shipment Management
  • Contract Management
  • Document Management
  • CRM
  • Reports Printout & Email
  • Invoicing & Purchases


  • Transport Management
  • Purchase Contract
  • Management
  • Accounting Interfaces
  • Notifications
  • Business Intellegance
  • API Layer (Shipments API)
  • Customer Portal
  • Air Carrier Connectivity (e-AWB)


  • Quotation Module
  • Track & Trace for Customer
  • Stock report

Center Agency Services

Let our Agency Software take care of the all the agent responsibilities such as Cargo Management , Release Management , Declarations & Billing furthermore to be the software which replace all paperwork.

Center Warehouse Management Services

Let our WMS Software take care of the movement of each cargo, compliant to your customer needs.

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